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Guarantee the exclusive right to reproduce your works in the literary, artistic or scientific fields.

Copyright is not mandatory by law, but when the date of its authorship is proven, the author's rights are recognized.


Any artistic work in the areas of: literature, painting, music, theatre, sculpture and visual arts, as well as; architectural projects, choreographies, characters, technical, scientific and other articles may be protected by copyright.

Currently, the registry also protects other variants of intellectual creation, such as the creation of websites, in terms of their content, organization and layout.

There is no obligation to register the author as the right is born with the creation of the work, but the registration acts as an additional security for its owner! It is a true way of proving the law with the full evidence of its creation.

Registration is very simple! The work must be bound in A4 format, dated and signed by the authors, within its characteristics. In a short time you will have the certificate.

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